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Cantor betting client

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Cantor betting client Find out about our sports betting service here. Can I apply for one? John: When the markets are closed we only allow clients to move stop loss orders further away. After this time your account will be governed by the Spreadex Customer Agreement, which you can see here. Feedback is that our clients like its intuitive nature and its reliability. As a boy he would head to the track after school.
Free forex charts for back testing on mt4 Something to consider is that whilst it does not stop us opening accounts for international clients, the tax-free capital gains on profits made from spread betting is only a benefit to residents of the UK and Ireland. This is not the first time that Spreadex has entered such dealings; having previously acquired both the clients lists of now defunct Extrabet and MF Global Spreads. Authorities said Colbert and staff would approach and encourage associates of the "Jersey Boys" to take specific sides of games that had attracted lopsided betting action, allowing the book to lay off some of its risk. How sophisticated do you need to be to get involved? After this time your account will be governed by the Spreadex Customer Agreement, which you can see here. John: Yes. With the cantor betting client that followed, I'd say we were on the mark!
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Your new Spreadex account number and password will be emailed to you before your account is transferred. If you do not receive your account number or password or are having problems logging in, please click here to reset your password or call our customer services team on Which Customer Agreement will my financial spread bets be governed by?

Your account will be automatically transferred to the Spreadex platform as of 7. After this time your account will be governed by the Spreadex Customer Agreement, which you can see here. Can I apply for one? You can apply for a credit limit with Spreadex by contacting us on However, if you wish to apply for a credit limit before I had money in my account with Cantor Index. What has happened to this? Where possible, all funds will be transferred directly from Cantor Index to Spreadex to make the switchover process as seamless as possible.

All money is segregated and afforded full client money protection in accordance with FCA regulations. To confirm you wish to transfer your client money from Cantor Index to Spreadex, please email fins spreadex. I have open positions with Cantor Index. What will happen to these? All client positions will be transferred from your current Cantor Index account to your new Spreadex account at 7. Your positions at Cantor Index will be closed and re-opened on your new Spreadex account in the same market at the same price.

At the same time, the money in your Cantor Index account will be transferred to your Spreadex account. Is Spreadex a regulated company? How financially secure is Spreadex? Formed in and regulated by the FCA, Spreadex has developed a reputation for excellent customer care and for handling some of the largest bets in the industry.

Spreadex has been named in the Sunday Times Profit Track list of the top most profitable UK companies on three separate occasions. Read more about Spreadex here. What should I do? What financial markets does Spreadex offer? Client experiences from CantorIndex CantorIndex; Women making a killing on the Orient Express ; One sends her six-year-old to check share prices while she's in the bath. Another stressed trader wears gloves so she can't bite her nails. A third has made pounds 2, by the time the train returns to Victoria.

They're the new spread betting high-rollers; Tim Hogman, public relations officer for Cantor Index see review here , explains the purpose of the day: 'We recently noticed that more women clients were having success with spread betting,' he says. In a male-dominated arena it is important to support our female clients. Our final call is at [William Shakespeare]'s birthplace.

We amble round the house and grounds before heading back to the coach and Stratford station Over a four-course meal and fine wines on the return journey to London, Susan de Sousa, 33, tells how she became involved in spread betting. ON a bright, sunny morning at Victoria Station in London, eight smartly dressed women wait on platform two, ready to board the plush Orient Express.

They range from fulltime mothers to City investment bankers. But one thing unites them - the joy of gambling. The women are all clients of spread betting firm CantorIndex. Instead of buying shares, they take dozens of short-term bets on whether shares, stock market indices, bonds, interest rates or currencies will go up or down.

Our party of 16, which includes six Cantor Index staff, has been assigned the opulent Ibis carriage and the group quickly makes itself comfortable. As the train pulls out of London, a delicious breakfast of smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and champagne is served by an attentive, and handsome, waiter. Tim Hogman, public relations officer for CantorIndex, explains the purpose of the day: 'We recently noticed that more women clients were having success with spread betting,' he says.

Jenny King, 35, from Thorpe Bay, Southend, Essex, started spread betting after being made redundant last June from the Royal Bank of Scotland where she was head of fixed income operations. She now combines day trading - where trades are not left to run into the next day - on various world indices with looking after her three children, Hannah, 6, Reece, 4, and sixmonthold Luke. Jenny, whose partner is a stockbroker, says she makes a comfortable living through spread betting.

She points out that one of the major benefits compared with ordinary equity investing is that her profits, as with all betting activity, are tax-free.

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Spreadex has acquired Cantor Index’s “non-equities, financial spread betting client base”. A statement on the Cantor Index website says, “As a Cantor Index customer, you may have . Please call our Client Services team on + 1 Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] Financial Advisors, please call our Intermediary Support Team on 01 . Spreadex has acquired the Cantor Index non-equity, financial spread betting client list, allowing these account holders to continue to place financial spread bets on a wide range of markets, .